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Whether you are a small business in need of a cutting edge web presence, a large corporation looking to contract out one or more web development projects, or an individual with a great idea for a new Internet endeavor, Exension can offer you a complete, customized solution at an affordable price.

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Exension is an information systems development group specializing in full-featured web site and web application programming, database design, system integration, and comprehensive requirements analysis.

The Right Values

We pride ourselves in offering no-nonsense, practical solutions to satisfy the needs of your business, organization, or project. To that end, we have established these "Right Values" to serve as our guiding principles in every undertaking.

Right Attitude - Exension is engaging. We work pro-actively to develop the best solution to suit your specific needs, rather than the lazy path of a generic "cookie-cutter" approach.

Right Skills - Exension is honest. We ensure that we have the talent necessary to complete a job effectively and efficiently. If we do not have the technical capability to do a job, we'll tell you as much, rather than leading you around with empty promises.

Right Tools - Exension is agile. We do not have a rigid "one solution fits all" mindset. We work with you to find the optimal platform for the optimal cost, whether it's Microsoft .NET, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Java, or something else entirely.

Right Focus - Exension is bottom line. We do not design complex systems for the sake of doing so. After all, the simplest solutions are often times the most elegant. Nor do we utilize the latest, greatest industry fads just because we think they're "cool". Rather, we employ only those techniques and technologies we feel are necessary for getting the job done right.

Right Results - Exension is pragmatic. We've all heard of the companies and consultants that write volumes of documentation employing the latest buzz-words and technical mumbo-jumbo to impress their clients. Not so with us. We would rather impress you by developing your web site or application in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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