About Exension

Exension is an information systems development group based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We specialize in delivering full-featured web sites and web applications, with a practical, down-to-earth, goal-oriented vision that allows us to focus on the most important aspect of the project--getting it done on time and within budget.

We've all heard of the companies and consultants that write volumes of documentation, Powerpoint presentations, and endless streams of flow-charts and diagrams employing the latest buzz-words and technical mumbo-jumbo to impress their clients. Not so with us. We would rather impress you by developing your web site or application in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

At Exension, we do not design complex systems just for the sake of doing so, or utilize the latest, greatest industry fades just because we think they're "nifty" or "cool". After all, the simplest solutions are often times the most elegant. Rather, we employ only those techniques and technologies we feel are necessary for getting the job done right. That's the essence of our pragmatic "get it done" attitude.

So why should you choose Exension? For one, we won't waste your time or give you the run-around with months of grueling analysis, volumes of documents, and endless presentations of smug consultant blabber, all of which would wastefully burn through your budget. We chose a more practical approach that is quicker, more economical, and much more flexible. What's more, our professional software developers have over 15 years of experience in Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP, Javascript, SQL, and other languages, as well as comprehensive skills needed to manage and maintain both Microsoft and Linux servers.

Exension has what it takes to get the job done. To get started, or to find out more, all you need to do is contact us today.



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