Our Experience

Our professional software developers have over 15 years of experience in Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP, Javascript, SQL, and other languages, as well as comprehensive skills needed to manage and maintain both Microsoft and Linux servers.

Our developers are experts in a diversity of programming languages, including C# for Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP 5.0, C++, Objective-C, and Ruby on Rails, as well HTML, XML, and Javascript, of course.

We are also able to deliver full SOA (service oriented architecture) systems, web services, and Microsoft WCF services.


The majority of work is performed during the actual programming and development of the web site or web application. Our focus is on the aforementioned core languages, as they can be used to provide solutions to virtually any application requirements.

Requirements and Design

The reason for the failure of most projects typically stems from mistakes made when gathering requirements and miscommunications regarding the system's basic design. For that reason, Exension focuses on the importance of collecting detailed requirements and providing our clients with prototype mock-ups, layouts, and demos every step of the way.

Database Development

The central component of any application is its data storage system: the database. Our focus is chiefly on Microsoft SQL (2005 and up) for all Microsoft platform development, and MySQL for everything else (PHP, Ruby, Java, etc.). We will engineer the database system with optimized tables, usually in 2nd or 3rd normal form, indexes for fast data retrieval, and in the case of Microsoft SQL, stored procedures for greater security, reliability, and performance. We do not work with Oracle or DB2 databases for the reason that we have determined MySQL and Microsoft SQL to be perfectly suited for the majority of web based applications. We may utilize SQLite for some small project if they do not warrant a fully-featured database.

Server Administration

We also have extensive experience managing a variety of server operating systems, be that Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008, or any of the numerous POSIX systems such as Linux, BSD, and Solaris. If you choose to have us host your application, you can feel confident knowing that we will monitor, maintain, update, configure, and administer all aspects of the server.


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