Our Services

At Exension, we offer a wide range of services and options to deliver high quality, no-nonsense solutions quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price. We are dedicated to achieving the goal, your goal, and understand that the final results are ultimately what matter most.

Outsourced Development

Our primary line of business is to perform software development work for interactive web sites and web applications, start to finish. We will work with you to gather requirements, collaborate with design mock-ups and interactive demos, and deliver the final product to you on time, rigorously tested, and within budget.

Web Site Design

We also offer a affordable web site design services if you are simply looking for an informational web site, or a web site with such features as blogging, content management, an image gallery, event calendars, or other typical web site feature that does not require significant customization.

Web Hosting

We can manage all the details of hosting any web site or web application we develop, if you wish us to do so. There's no need for you to sweat the details--we can work with you to find the optimal hosting solution for your specific needs, be that a Linux, BDS, Solaris, or a Microsoft platform, whether shared, dedicated, or even co-located.



What's the Bottom Line?

Developing customized web sites and web applications is often more expensive than people realize. The final cost can only be estimated after we have had time to fully evaluate your project.

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